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When it comes to replacing missing teeth, you’re going to want to speak with an experienced dentist who offers the highest quality replacement options. At West Lakes Family Dentistry, our dentist has years of experience and will provide you with the compassionate support and guidance you require to make an informed decision about your treatment. At our office, Dr. Jared Sass provides a wide range of restorative, prosthetic and cosmetic treatments, and is fully prepared to reestablish your smile with spectacular results. Whether you stand to benefit most from dental bridgework, partial or full dentures 50266, you’ll be in the very beast of hands at West Lakes Family Dentistry.

Replacing missing teeth is a highly personalized service based on the unique needs of your smile. For patients missing a single tooth, a custom dental bridge can be an effective option in care. Fixed dental bridges secure into place over the tops of sturdy, healthy teeth on either side of an edentulous area. Carefully designed to restore the aesthetic and performance of your smile, they can provide an excellent solution depending on your treatment needs. For patients missing multiple teeth, we also offer partial and full dentures 50266. Partial dentures are fully customized to fill in any edentulous spaces in your smile, and are anchored into place with the use of clasps around your healthy teeth. For patients missing all the teeth along a dental arch, full dentures can provide a most suitable solution. Dentures are artfully crafted to provide you with the most natural looking and high performing new smile. Designed to support the soft tissues of the lips and cheeks, they even help you retain the natural contours of your facial features.

Whether you stand to benefit most from the most exquisitely crafted custom bridgework, partial or full dentures 50266, you can depend on Dr. Sass for the compassionate support, guidance and treatment you deserve. To schedule your next appointment to discuss your options, give our office a call at the number below today!

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